No Chinglish?!

Sorry my lovelies, the day has come and I have finally run out of weekend- Chinglisheses(es?).

Life has been keeping me busy, and I live in a ridiculous country in which the Internet is not helpful. Hence, the lacking.

Still, know that I am diligently working on some new content. Next big thing, right around the corner, just wait.

Please stay tuned… next week… or so…

Here’s some old ones to refresh:

Cantonese Californian – last poem 2010


Cantonese Californian
with the pretty hair and pretty eyes and ugly mouth

You always had to spare us
from the bitter truth that mouth would always shout

And when we forgot
you never held it against us
no matter how we deserved, such

Cantonese Californian
or is it Californian Cantonese?
can’t say I was ever too good with adjectives

It’s like a one-way street in in Hong Kong
who knows which way to, in all that dramatic midst of shit?

The California household
and the Cantonese air
mix together with a twist

Sunglasses, and slanted-white-eyes
It’s you we swore we’d never miss

And as the sun sets–
or is it the reverse?

Never was too good at directions
it’s that ancient curse . . .

And I’d never even known the wiser
Cuz I never studied that charter
Too busy getting over my first!

Can’t cure a disease
when you won’t admit if it hurts

And that’s enough
Because we trust
That you couldn’t make it any worse . . .





Chinglish lesson – 巴

Today’s Chinglish comes with a free short lesson.

The character 巴 “ba” is often used in phonetic translations. It can stand for “bar” (酒吧 jiuba - alcohol bar) as well as “bus” (巴士 bashi - bus, simply phonetically)

So you see, honest mistake here.


Literally Worlds Apart


Trapped in a room
it’s scary outside
With nothing to do
and nowhere to hide
You had a thought
but you can’t remember your dreams
Not since we all fought
nothing is as it seems
Literally worlds apart
I’m on Alpha Centauri
and you’re on Mars
or Beta Centauri?

How boring
Twelve light years away
no warp speed[TM] in sight
Your saving your change
for the chance might be slight
But if we invented a contraption
we might all have a chance
To save all the synapses!
and have a last dance…

Cheers to never forgetting
and never remembering
and live in the moment
alone, it’s an omen
a cherished approachment
to all nature’s encroachments

How horrid
Who wants it?




Sit and Stare


Sit and stare, stand and stare
out the window, there is a balloon, in the air
stabbed in the back, in the back of the neck
Central cortex backside’s bet
Hear a pop
here nor there
There’s a pup
See it anywhere

Broken elevator drops
zero G is oh-so hot
Don’t care, earphones here
Don’t swear, mother’s near

These are the thoughts that entertain
And more and more to pass the blame
And less and less when time’s the same
Lest no on knows, or there’d be shame
But we’re glad you came







(Table of Contents)

Firstly, from 2008 on:

Prologue: How I came to China

Part 1: Burning Man
I go to a big trippy festival

Part 2: Doing LSD at Burning Man
I expand my mind and receive an invite abroad


Intro to Dating in China
First things first, let me explain how this thing will work

I arrive in China
The story officially begins, I get here


My first China-based girlfriend, and how that didn’t work out

The next level… Sigh, was it love?

A summer romance, a brief flight, all too innocent

Annie – Sky – Lulu – more
Singlehood, bachelor life, the learning process, playing the field…


The Beginning
Long-term relationship begins, a defining point in my life

An American intermission
You can’t go ‘home’, and I try and I fail and I drift

The End
Finally, and sadly, nothing lasts forever


In the city… the city of Canton…

And now, 2011 to early 2012:

My Guangzhou Year 1
An intro to the new status quo, as I pack up move to the ancient land of Canton/
the modern megacity of Guangzhou

Dating GZ Edition – Kendra
First story, I meet a crazed American abroad and adventured therein
Public nudity and disrespect, among other themes

China to Thailand to Cambodia
I travel, I bring a certain Cynthia, I make mistakes
But hey, that’s life and at least I got to see a new place

Dating – visitors and friends, others
Some characters from previous entries reappear, old friends reunite, a funny story happened one day
This time it’s not just about me

Rejected in Guangzhou
The stories everyone seems to want to know. Rejected!
Featuring Josephine, Seline, and more

The End – my humble successes
On a final positive note, sometimes life works out rather fine
It was a good year, I experienced a lot
I really shouldn’t complain



Back to Shenzhen
In which I return to this town that somehow suits me

I begin the online game~

I have a girlfriend! I really did!

I must admit, things got a tad gross.
Hope this wasn’t the beginning of a certain pattern…


2013: Epic Clusterfuck Year

Not Dating in America (and Hong Kong, and Canada)
2012 comes and goes and the world doesn’t end,
Meanwhile a bad start as I embark upon a year of drama bullshit

The Stalker
In which I make a foul choice which ends up following me around all year.
Dark times. No fun.

I meet someone cool and travel to the Philippines
A brief positive note, albeit all too brief

Sonia – Jing – Amelia
POF, a site, met some peoples from differing lands, times are had,
and then I quit online dating forever more

The Very End
And I do mean it, the very very end.
I reflect and I consider and now it is time to move forward–

Hong Kong video II: Return to Occupy Central

Last week I returned to Occupy Central, to observe the umbrella-raising ceremony in support of the pro-democracy protest.

Again, I was truly inspired. The scale of this movement is truly incredible.

May they camp out as long as it takes…

Here is another vid:

Verse – old poem 2010



It’s a little ridiculous
to expect any less
It’s a tad bit presumptuous
to pay the charge, and make a fuss
Enjoy what you got
What you got is quite hot
In the temperate sense of the word
In the metaphoric meaning of this term
It’s a turn
And it isn’t
It’s unheard
What you didn’t

Dancing, the plastic trees sing
Taste in your mouth, colors are drifting
With every motioning wind
More peels and pails of skin
Streetlamp is smiling
Eye’s music is frowning
And the clowns marching music is daunting

Just a little bit further
One more check of the clock’s tick-tocking ticker
You can’t understand
This profound kind of math
Least I have no hand
to check-mark every grain-tinkle of sand

I do have a cap, most verifiably thinking
It’s just that I ate it, and now it’s all, um,



Part II Verse Verse Verse

Tear, Wear, the Hair
Spill, kill, uphill!

Urban shamanic retreat
Spa colonic fungal infection in heart

Pupils are dilating
Guts churning a-frightening
and tip-toe the pattering feet

and graffiti the art scene of meat
twelve turns of the hourly beat

Farts, flesh, finagle!
Time bends to the brainwave’s falafel

Never seen such sweet curvature
of the spine
of the earth
Never thought such neat empties
of the city
of girls
of worlds
Infinite conceptual abstractions a-blaze
of circles
the Earth,
give birth

moon, moon, plastic moon


Sept., 2010